Finally, Fortune Island!

I have been dying to go to Fortune Island since I learned about it last year. Its reminiscence to the Greek Ruins and fine white sand made me want to visit it. Two weeks ago, I was working a client’s booth at TNAP 2015 when I saw a tour ad on Facebook that is coincidentally hosting this trip to Fortune Island. They offered a very affordable and hassle-free tour so I informed my friends about it and the next thing I know is they already paid for the deposit. Haha. If you want to go somewhere in the country and meet new people who enjoy the same thing as you do (traveling) then visit ( or contact Red They offer tours in different parts of this beautiful country so if you’re up for a journey and meeting new people, click that link 🙂

Two weeks later!!!

My buddies : Basil, Eike and Matze


(Okay so Matze and I went straight to the meeting place from The Pool Club at The Palace for Porter Robinson’s gig! With make-up and all)

3:00 AM

We all met at McDonald’s Buendia (MRT)

3:30 AM

We left Manila and slept the entire trip. The group was divided into two vans  so it was comfortable 🙂

6:30 am

We got to Nasugbu but we had breakfast in Jollibee first then headed straight to Fortune Island Resort (your stop before actually boarding the boat to the Island)


We're near! :)
We’re near! 🙂

But first obligatory selfie !!!

Taken with Lumia Selfie

We headed up to the spot where we will camp and stay for a day



The old swimming pool of the resort just across our camp site
The old swimming pool of the resort just across our camp site

We had a free time from 9 am-12 so we decided to explore the island a little bit and look for our reading spot.

View from our tent
View from our tent
The old main building
The old main building
The coast
The coast


No one mentioned that going up the ruins is really fucking tiring! The steps were too steep I thought at one point that giants built and once inhabited the island!

Yes, there were steps! :)
Yes, there were steps! 🙂
That long, steep and winding stairs
That long, steep and winding stairs
View from the top!
View from the top!

After 10 slow minutes of walking up, I finally reached the top!!!! :)


The sea was calm and so blue!!
The sea was calm and so blue!!



We went back to camp and had lunch, and being the sloths that we are, we took a quick nap.

My Island bestfriends
My Island bestfriends

After our nap, we all decided to go to the Blue Hole (the cliff diving spot) and well, take photos of people jumping. I would never jump from that cliff, not without a vest. lol


Amazing spot
Amazing spot

WP_20150606_13_04_23_SmartWP_20150606_13_05_16_Smart Dana and Basil

We're ready for the Sunset!!!
We’re ready for the Sunset!!!
A few more minutes before it actually sets...dum dumdum waiting
A few more minutes before it actually sets…dum dumdum waiting
That ball of fire
That ball of fire
Almost gone
Gone and crimson
Myself, Matze, Basil and Eike
Myself, Matze, Basil and Eike
Also found a reading spot while waiting for the sunset :)
Also found a reading spot while waiting for the sunset 🙂
View from the beach
View from the beach


DINNER TIME!! Red and Erwin prepared Ensaladang Talong, Porkchops, Squid and Fish!!!

Being the romantics that we are, we decided to go stargazing after dinner but the sky offered us so many beautiful things to see.

The moon; our alternative source of light and at one point, melancholy :p
Lightning watching
Lightning watching


Gathered all the patience left in my being, held the camera, turned the exposure and ISO up, and voila!

Source of Light
Source of Light






And the only people who remembered were the ones who stayed, mainly Basil! hahaha

Vianca and Jeremy trying to help Basil and the rest recall their memories!
Vianca and Jeremy trying to help Basil and the rest recall their memories!
Two snails Sir Jun caught :)
Two snails Sir Jun caught 🙂


copied from Sir Jun!
copied from Sir Jun! Bye Fortune Island!!!: )

WE HAD LUNCH IN MAHOGANY MARKET (YUP, BULALO!!!!) and went for a quick Market stroll and found these beauties!

Bought coffee in Tagaytay, I'm always down for a market stroll
Bought coffee in Tagaytay, I’m always down for a market stroll
And a cactus :)
And a cactus 🙂

When I, or anyone for that matter, travel, we get out of our comfort zones. This trip in particular was not a new experience in terms of not having the usual facilities that we enjoy and utilize everyday –such as water, a clean restroom with bidet, foam, bed, utensils, etc. However, it’s the love and attachment to those things found in our comfort zones that make us boring and afraid.

That is why when I travel to places or when I want to experience something new, I usually do it solo because I only know a few people in my life who would dare live in an island for a day without the usual amenities that make our lives comfortable. Hence the four friends I was with 😛 (They are the best! and of course, the new friends that we made) The best part of every trip is actually not the sights to see or the islands we can ping off of our bucket list. It is the people that we meet. We could go to paradise but have five yappers complaining every 5 minutes and the trip is ruined. Good thing everyone was really into this kind of trip, no one was “maarte-uh”, and we loved everything that we did. From our hands scooping the rice into our traps, to the sweat dripping going up that cliff down to every fly that took a vacation on our food! hahaha

All in all, it has really been amazing. Thank you so much Red for making this happen. We’re actually thinking of joining more. Will definitely invite more people to Red’s future tours.

Just for everyone’s reference (in case you’re up for the same adventure)

Tours Website:

Red’s Info:

Sir Jun’s Blog:  SmartBackpacker


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